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First Thanks to all Product hunters, I really gone mad with so much of love you have shared in just few hours. Animaker is a simple video making app which help you to create explainer videos with less effort, time & cost. It includes more than 1000+ pre-animated actions of Characters, 2000+ Props, 300+ background designs, 100's of SFX & Music. All the assets are hand-drawn and carefully animated for the best use of animation in your business, teaching, and marketing. Before starting Animaker, we thought it should be useful for small business owners and founders who don't have access to fund and can't afford big numbers quoted by the studios. If you have a story, Animaker won't disappoint you and we tried to give our best to craft a tool where everyone can share a great story with their audience. Looking for your feedback to make Animaker better in the upcoming releases. Raghav Founder of Animaker
This looks like a really cool concept -- will play around with it :)
@nivo0o0 Thanks. Let us know if anything to be improved.
My university assignment is going to have to wait - having too much fun!
@rs_raghavan Your app is pretty awesome, but the intro video made me cringe so hard. It seems like a professionally done animation with a script written for a school project. I'd suggest hiring an ad script writer off Fiverr. Also, the Indian dude's voice has tons of background noise and made me look around, as I thought that my dad was calling me πŸ˜› Once again. Really cool app, weird and unprofessional video.
@yashendra2797 Thanks for sharing. Good to hear you like the app. We'll improve the script and voice in the upcoming release.
Been stuck on the loading page for a while now - anxious to try it!
@elliotisles Please try loading the app from chrome or firefox. It will work. Let me know if you still stuck.