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AngelList Weekly is a collaboration between Product Hunt & AngelList, bringing you the best of the startup world. The newsletter explores one main topic each week (failure is critical for innovations, blockchains, how to build a career in tech) while highlighting top products and jobs in the space. Subscribe at

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Hello! Very excited to launch this. The AngelList Weekly is one of the first collaborations between Product Hunt and AngelList, focusing on one tech related topic each week, and highlighting top products and job opportunities around it. Credit to @GrahamJenkin on the design and @RachelHay on the engineering. πŸ› πŸš€ πŸ€” Would love your feedback on the first 3 editions: No. 1 – Elon Musk didn't pivot πŸ’₯ No. 2 – Biggest innovation since the Internet β›“ No. 3 – Startup advice from top founders & investors πŸ“˜ We're still figuring out what content works best and what people would like to see. Any and and all feedback welcome, as well as ideas for new sections to add, content ideas, the goal here is to create something people want to read on Sundays. πŸ’Œ Subscribe at
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@grahamjenkin @rachelhay @nivo0o0 This is one newsletter I'll be happy to receive!
@grahamjenkin @rachelhay @nivo0o0 BTW, clicking "Subscribe" tool me a to a blank page with a single line of plain text "{"message":"Thanks for subscribing!"}"... Is this by design?
@k3sava I think so, but that would be a questions for @rachelhay
@k3sava Sorry about that! Taking a look.
One of the few newsletter I would love to see in my inbox!
@iamsooraj every Sunday ✨
I love how the content from both AL and PH fit together. Basically, the newsletter can cover all topics for startups and product people/makers. I think it is great to just keep experimenting with the content, what to focus more on, etc, and readers would give their feedback. My small feedback: in the 3rd edition I would expect content from AngelList first, and then by ProductHunt. So the main content first, and a lil promo content about the book after :) But again, would be interesting to see different approaches and experiments (both on the topic covered and focuses). Good luck! πŸ™‚
@aleks_muse well, the book was the content for the 3rd edition πŸ’ but good feedback
Nice work, Niv, Rachel, Graham. Signing up!
@jaredehalpern thanks! :)
Very Dope 🚬🚬🚬 If this is the only newsletter I can read for a month. What makes it different from so many of the other awesome newsletters?