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It's simply the largest and most comprehensive platform for startups & investors. We use Angel List to source deals--all of our Maven Startups applications come thru AngelList. Last batch we had over 1,500 applications for our 2 slots in the Maven Incubator. We also have a Maven Growth Labs Syndicate on AngelList which will get guaranteed access to Maven incubator graduates Series A rounds... AngelList is invaluable tool for Maven and I suspect for many other MicroVCs, angels and VCs....
Early investor and biased but its such an amazing platform that continues to evolve and I get so much data and signal from it.
i use angelist as a directory or a quick way to roughly see how many teams (in this crazy environment!) are going after the same market or business model. i've met with several and even invested in 1 company that i first found when searching in a specific genre on the site.
AngelList login by now a standard for US based investors
I'm amazed this wasn't on PH before. In case people don't know, it's also an amazing hiring channel. 5x better than LI for us.