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Some details from the tldr article... - more personalized/helpful/useful watch faces (think next appointments, stock performance, progress on fitness goals) - better google fit integration - ability to download apps on your watch from a new on-watch Play Store - make calls with your watch via cellular regardless of location of your phone - easier to respond to messages (dictating, typing, handwriting, drawing an emoji), smart reply which suggests responses based on the received message - Support for Google Assistant (get answers, get things down, hands free), think Siri for Android. - New LG Watch Style + LG Watch Sport designs - 2.0 is coming in the next few weeks - Seemingly 100% Support for iPhone with all apps built for Android Wear 2.0
cool ad, but doesn't deep dive into whats new!
I still wear a smartwatch because I like notifications. The only thing I'm looking forward to are the watchface integrations. I wish the new smaller LG watch had NFC for Android Pay as I use it regularly.
There truth is, they all do the same; Apple and Android. OK, no big deal-ish; I don't see a reason to get one. Is it because I'm an Apple fan boy?