Android O Beta

Try, test and go crazy with pre-released versions of Android

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The link doesn't work, I've a pixel and I don't enjoy android that much, what was this about I didn't even care to see the video, the title has nothing to do with the description of the Android Beta
@schpn sorry about the link, it's fixed now. (It wasnt working due to the tracking tag '?ref=producthunt' was getting attached to it and the link was an alias) It's just a beta program to try the pre-released Android versions. Currently it has Android O as that's the next version of Android and some of it features were announced today at Google I/O. After you enroll for the beta, you should receive an over the air update for your pixel to try the beta version of Android O Hope this info helps! πŸ˜€
Installing as I type this. As a 6P owner I don't expect much in the way of new goodies, but I can never resist getting to try out a new major Android version