Analytics for Optimizely

Your Optimizely A/B tests on your iPhone

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If you want to check-in on your A/B tests on the go, this app is for you. I can't recommend products like this enough. Anything that saves time from logging into a web app interface is a win in my book.
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We use Optimizely and I find myself not checking results as often as I would because of the (small but meaningful) effort to remember to do so on my desktop. Installing now, cc @mscccc.
Thanks for the feature! This was something we felt we needed as entrepreneurs building new Companies, so we found the free time to put it together. We plan to continue development and making improvements onward! Hope you all enjoy.
Thanks guys! As power users of Optimizely at my previous company, we found ourselves logging in daily to anxiously check the results of new experiments through the web. Often times we would find ourselves wanting to quickly share the results with the rest of the team or pause experiments on the go if they weren't performing, so that's what we built. Stay tuned for more improvements and let us know what you'd like to see next!
Finally... i can scratch my Optimizely itch any time.... wait.. this might be a bad thing. Great work guys.