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Very cool. This gives you analytics on instagram accounts, including: - Monitor followers, followings, and posts - Get updates every hour and every day - Watch multiple accounts, even if they're not your own
@_jacksmith Is there a non-free advanced analytics version? I'm about to write a big post about my journey with my soon-to-be-instafamous dog, and thought I'd throw in some stats.
@rossdcurrie what sort of advanced features would you want to be seeing?
@rossdcurrie and what's the name of your dog? ;)
@_jacksmith My dog's stage name is Yahtzee (his actual name is Hannibal, but I needed something a bit more brandable). About to hit 2k followers in a week, with a few of the photos approaching the 600-like threshold. It's a more refined exploration of strategy than previous projects. In terms of stats, minter.io provides aggregate data around user engagement, filters, post time, post day, etc. that's really handy. I put one of my other brands through and could pretty quickly see the best times for me to post, which filters get more likes, etc.
@rossdcurrie @_jacksmith I'd seen Minter, but $100 / month seems steep as an entry point. I'll check out the features though.
@edward_marks why did you decide to make this?
@_jacksmith I grew two Instagram accounts to 10k+ followers in the last year, and as I became more serious about them, I also became more frustrated with the existing analytics solutions. There are things out there, but there are shockingly few, and they're shockingly bad. At the most basic level I just wanted to know how many followers I had and how many I gained yesterday. And so I ended up building that for myself. I have several ideas of where to take this next, but I figured I'd release this app on the App Store and see what people thought.
It's great to see a native iOS app giving Instagram stats. I'm keen to see s feature that gives me the best performing hashtags that I've used in past posts. Btw @rossdcurrie I've seen your success with the Instagram dog account. Looking forward to reading how you did it :-)
@paul_s_kemp Could you elaborate on your desire for hashtag analysis? Are you wanting to correlate hashtags with likes / exposure? Also, why not just use a dozen hashtags on every post?
How does this differ from https://statshot.co/ aside from being an iOS app?
@jonathanmarcus I actually hadn't seen that one — thanks for showing it to me. Yes, it's an app. Also mine shows hourly data not just daily. Also the graphs are interactive.
@edward_marks Thanks for the response! I hope you didn't interpret my question as anything other than true curiosity. Statshot.co is made by the team behind http://exposure.co, originally from Elepath. They're a very talented two man team. It is surprising that more of a third-party ecosystem has yet to emerge around Instagram. It's the social network people seem to enjoy the most. I would imagine most entrepreneurs expect Instagram to provide detailed analytics at some point.
@jonathanmarcus I completely agree re: third-party ecosystem. Instagram has a massive user base, and it drives a lot of brand engagement and eCommerce activity. There should really be some outstanding products built on top of it as there are for Twitter. Also totally agree that Instagram should offer this. Twitter does. I expect Instagram will eventually; I just didn't want to wait that long.
@jonathanmarcus It's just a lack of api's and support from instagram themselves really...
I tested the app and the daily metrics work 😄 great design and would really love to use it! but there are some crucial metrics missing in order to be useful. daily/weekly/monthly follower growth in %. User engagement in avg (likes:followers and comments:followers) and the growth rate of user engagement over time. are planning to implement this soon? 😄
@edward_marks any thoughts?
@_jacksmith @bastian_ernst All great ideas. I tried to make the minimum feature set that people would find interesting with the hope that, just like this, I would get helpful feedback. Thank you Bastian!