Keep your Mac (and optionally its display) awake

#3 Product of the DayMay 02, 2015
Marcio Toledo
  • Marcio Toledo
    Marcio ToledoFull Stack Designer

    Perfect, simple



    The "While App is running" feature is perfect !

    Marcio Toledo has used this product for one year.
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Violeta Nedkova
Violeta Nedkova@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
Just the name alone deserves an upvote. :D
Kevin Wimer
Kevin Wimer@kevinace · CEO of
Is Amphetamine stronger than Caffeine?
William Gustafson
William GustafsonMaker@x74353 · Developer, Self
@kevinace Amphetamine does everything Caffeine does, with some additional features like scheduled activation and system-wide hotkey support. Oh, and Retina display /Dark mode support, too!
Nathen McVittie
Nathen McVittie@nathenmcvittie · Art Director, Common Goal
Always nice to see submissions, but the additional features you mentioned don't feel like a strong enough hook to draw me away from Caffeine; a program I've been using for years now and have gained some brand loyalty to.
William Gustafson
William GustafsonMaker@x74353 · Developer, Self
@nathenmcvittie Understandable. Caffeine is a great app. For some folks though, Caffeine doesn't quite cut it anymore, and that's why I made Amphetamine.
William Gustafson
William GustafsonMaker@x74353 · Developer, Self
A lot has changed since Amphetamine was first featured on Product Hunt. New features such as keeping your Mac awake while only specific apps are running, while you're connected to specific WiFi networks; or whether your Mac is plugged in or using battery (or your battery is below a specific %). You can use your own custom icons for Amphetamine's menu bar images, and that's not all. If you skipped on it before, now's a good time to take another look.
William Gustafson
William GustafsonMaker@x74353 · Developer, Self
Huge updates in Amphetamine 3.0 are coming, and beta testing will start soon. If anyone is interested in trying the beta out... @x74353 on Twitter