AmazonFresh Pickup

Groceries delivered to your trunk

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Levi Kovacs
Levi KovacsHunter@kovlex · Building @mobiscroll
Wow. Amazon really understands the different contexts of shopping. This is amazing on so many levels and addresses so different jobs. It serves a totally different job than Amazon Go. While "Go" solves the queue problem, this solves different problems: - find a parking spot - push the damn cart around and fill it up - argue with the kids, who stands in the cart and who sits - find all the different things in the aisles
pbj@patrickbjohnson · Front End Dev.
Rich white people problems....
Levi Kovacs
Levi KovacsHunter@kovlex · Building @mobiscroll
@patrickbjohnson well I don't agree with that. Shopping for groceries is a chore for most. This makes the experience better. Something that we already do, have to do and this helps us do it better. Btw. "Rich white people" - ignorant term, would have someone to do the shopping for them.
Francis Kim
Francis Kim@franciskim_co · Full Stack Human
🖖 Congrats! Added to: