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I was roaming around Amazon.com this evening and discovered a new feature (I think) that I've never seen before. It's called Ideas Lists and lets you created Pinterest-like boards for products on Amazon. So of course, I created my first ideas list. You can check it out here: http://a.co/aOAMgXN These appear to be a bit different from classic wishlists. First off, they look a lot nicer, 2nd they have a draft and publish state, and include a short link that makes it easy to share. My idea lists showed up in a new tab near my other lists. This looks like a cool way to make a collection of products that help someone get started on a new project. I was able to add products from their product detail page via the add to list button. Once I got back to my idea list, I was able to add comments on each product in my list. Check it out for yourself here: http://amazon.com/ideas (I think you have to be logged in to see it and create a list)
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@hnshah Clicking on the link goes to plain old wish list for most.
@hnshah I've read most of the design books in there, great choices.. and thx
@hnshah great list. Thanks for sharing.
This is pretty dope🚬🚬 to put on a resource page. It would be easier to load with affiliate links
More like Kit than Pinterest, If Ideas included your affiliate links to products it would be a killer
Last year Amazon introduced a new product with a similar visual presentation:Interesting Finds.
This looks neat for affiliates