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Looks mazon caught wind of Canopy — and made something like The Fancy meets Pinterest.
@chrismessina I'm a big fan of Amazon stuff but I wish this had better filters and showed ratings on the products. It looks "Cheap" even though some of what it's selling isn't.
@chrismessina Canopy still looks a lot more friendly to use and their taste is much better from what I've seen now haha
@evanczhou @chrismessina Thanks Evan! We work very hard to ensure the products and curation meet a certain standard.
I think this is yet another lesson of "don't build your startup on the tech of competitor" much less a major player like Amazon.
Top right discloses "These products are sponsored" and links to landing page for Amazon Sponsored Products. Pinterest meets Million Dollar Homepage?
While Amazon is the 800# gorilla, they really aren't known for breakthrough design. And this shows it. Sure they can have the depth of product but someone else can make it look and work so much better. I hate researching product on Amazon.
The site looks cool, but not sure if it will maker vistors buy something. Cooking stuff, scenic images and some amaing pictures are OK, But for a shopping experience, not sure if it will work. Failure of this experiment may dash the hopes of Pinterest though.