Amazon Scout

A machine learning Pinterest competitor. Shop with πŸ‘or πŸ‘Ž.

Amazon Scout helps you find the products you love. Like or dislike products to narrow down products in furniture, bedding, fashion, and more.

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Funny, @ericfeng and I were just chatting about this topic. Amazon has created an amazing destination when you know what you want to buy. People visit the site with specific intent. Their next big commerce opportunity is to solve the browsing use case, to help people buy things they didn't know existed or wanted. Pinterest started with this use case (of course, broadly focused on imagery but a large portion of pins are product-specific) and are now attempting to close the loop with buyable pins. This isn't the first attempt to create a browsing experience by Amazon. They launched Interesting Finds and Launchpad a few years ago. At first glance, I'm super intrigued by their execution as someone that has struggled to find the right furniture after I moved ~9 months ago. That said, I wonder if it lack some of the stickiness that Pinterest and other socially-driven platforms provide. Pinterest has become a utility, a thing that sits in your browser, accessible with a click. They also have social notifications, pulling users back to the service as their friends pin, message, etc. Curious to hear what others thing about this direction. πŸ€”
@rrhoover Amazon has been playing with concepts like this for a while, including not only Interesting Finds, by Amazon but also Amazon Spark. This experiment seems more utilitarian than either of those, so at first I was more drawn to it. Though, after playing with it for a few moments it doesn't seem to provide much value. As I like or dislike, I don't really feel as if the results are shifting toward something I'm looking for. But, the direction is interesting and I applaud them for launching another experiment to learn from.
Data + personalisation, without the need for people to purchase. Not the first attempt at this from Amazon...
@sliver86 @ahmed_alamri Ikr it’s like the same exact thing
If Amazon is great for one thing, it is to find what you're looking for when you know what you want. But when you don't, this might just be a nightmare. This solution seems great, I will try it for sure.

I wanted to like this, but when I liked just 3 items I ended up getting a feed with 3 of the same item! I think it needs a little more work. For a retailer with so many items, there's really no reason to display the same item multiple times. Amazon in general needs a massive overhaul of search and discovery on their site. I usually find thing I want to buy from other places, and then look them up on Amazon manually and specifically. Frustrating!


Cool idea


Doesn't work

This is great but if I want proper product discovery I don't want to be limited to Amazon. This is what aim to do - an exciting new start-up to check out.
Thanks @maria_kovacevic for mentioning Moonsift - are aiming to do this for all brands so intend to be completely unbiased.