Amazon One

Amazon's first ever branded air cargo plane

#2 Product of the DayAugust 05, 2016
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I clicked the "get it" button, but see no way to buy it. Is it out of stock?
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@rrhoover @james_bathgate I can get you one for the low, low price of $185,400,000.99
@msitver @rrhoover @james_bathgate Does it comes with Free Shipping / Prime / 3.99 ?
@msitver @rrhoover @james_bathgate No cashback? That hurts so much. ☹
Wonder what those at UPS and Fedex are thinking about this news.
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@matthewboyle25 I don't think they're too worried. Amazon makes up about 2% of UPS's revenue. Even if this expands to take over all of UPS's delivery operations (delivering 600 million packages a year), UPS is still in good shape.
@msitver have you read The Everything Store? You better believe UPS and FedEx are concerned.
@kevinohlsson @matthewboyle25 hahah yaa. Prob, here comes Amazon!!!
@ryanshook the story about how bezos squeezed UPS by shifting their entire shipping operation to fedex for 1 day was pretty slick (if you are Jeff bezos anyway!).
Woah! From the blog: A Boeing 767-300 that is our first ever Amazon branded plane which will serve customers by adding capacity to support one and two day package delivery in the US. Adding capacity for Prime members by developing a dedicated air cargo network ensures there is enough available capacity to provide customers with great selection, low prices and incredible shipping speeds for years to come. Over the next couple of years, we’ll roll out 40 planes just like this one.
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*Proud Amazon Prime Customer*
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UPS, Fedex opened a BookStore to compete... ;)
@steveraffner You joke, but I wouldn't be surprised if they introduced a program to compete with Prime. Maybe they'll partner with other big retailers like Walmart or Target to offer free shipping for a flat yearly rate.