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Accept credit cards on your mobile (Square competitor)

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This puts the nail squarely in Jack Dorsey's coffin. Converting every local business into a potential Amazon supplier is a master stroke!
My belief is that Amazon are all about extending their reach. The amount of suppliers they expose via their site is limited. An integrated mobile payments solution enables every business to become an Amazon "supplier".
The big news here is they're undercutting Square by 1%. Which is huge for a business, increasing your margins by 1%.
I wonder how it will compare with Square, but my immediate thought is that Square is focused on a single purpose and Amazon isn't.
@nikkielizdemere they're not really focused on a single focus any more though; Square is now coming out with many different products
It looks like Amazon has determined that Square is the winner in this category and decided to let go of this product, probably due to low adoption among small businesses who view Amazon as a competitor, instead of a partner.