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#4 Product of the DayJuly 28, 2015
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This is super interesting and I like how they've categorized products into "collections" such as connected products, health & fitness, Indiegogo-backed, etc. Amazon is in a unique position to drive traffic and complete the transaction. More from TechCrunch's @ingridlunden in Amazon Takes On Product Hunt, Shopify With Launchpad, An All-In-One Marketing And Sales Portal. 😉 Curious to hear what others in the Product Hunt community think of this.
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@rrhoover It had to feel good to read "Amazon Takes on Product Hunt..." as the start of the headline. :)
@ElectricObjects is participating in the program, and from a vendor perspective it's been really impressive, and super important for how we think about distribution. The operational and financial requirements of jumping to mass retail are significant, but Launchpad makes the leap a bit more startup-friendly. Nice headline TechCrunch, but it's not a ProductHunt or Shopify competitor.
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@rrhoover @jrlevine Totally agree, Jake. I see this as less of a competitor to those platforms and more of a stepping stone between launch and a standalone store, because ultimately comp's will want customization and distribution beyond an Amazon storefront in Amazon's network. Network and discovery are key here—something Shopify/Magento/Bigcommerce have little focus on. Re: discovery This hub will probably have a pretty niche audience (I can't find a link to it anywhere on the site - where will it live?) but it'll be interesting to see how they leverage their scale to distribute/get these products noticed throughout their massive catalog. Oh and @jrlevine - that's great news! We should get you on Canopy.
Great innovation ! It's the first time one of the most marketplace do that, isn't it ? In france, we have a store dedicated to startup's product (
This will be powerful tool for Indiegogo campaigns to ship product out. Beyond that, I'm hoping they improve the categorization and interface over time. Still seems to target a general shopper rather than a savvy tech shopper.
@kunalslab Do you know if this is "exclusive" channel for Indiegogo projects, intentionally excluding Kickstarter-funded projects?
@chubert I believe so. It's a true partnership between Indiegogo and Amazon. Indiegogo had previously run a fulfillment campaign with Amazon, and this is extending the relationship. You wouldn't be able to buy Kickstarter funded goods on here.
First impressions: - tried to skim it... but because it's a (wide) grid that kinda failed (I prefer lists) - tried to find one product I would consider buying ... didn't find one... - closed tab
@micah @sleinadsanoj I guess the SmartyPants Prenatal Gummy Vitamins Multivitamin Plus Folate, Omega 3s and Vitamin D3, didn't sound like a cutting edge startups product. ( )