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I've had my little tube friend for about 6 months and its really great. Glad I got in at the 99$ rate before they doubled the price, but the extendability of the device may still be worth it.... though I believe kindles should just be 10$ as a gateway drug to their store, but what do I know? I don't have robots in my warehouse.
FINALLY. I was wondering when Amazon would open up the developer kit for the Echo!
Alexa is by far my favorite UI - looking forward to it applying to everything.
Great. Now will someone please build a SONOS integration :D
i didn't realize how much I would enjoy just speaking out loud and getting data in return would feed my inner nerd. Now I've gotta think of some great ways to get my Echo to respond to the things I want ("Alexa, I need an Uber.") Also, the Alexa Fund ($100mm for innovation) and Alexa Voice Service (put Alexa in other devices).