Amazon Dash Button is a wireless device connected to your Amazon Prime account with the help of which you can place orders for your convenience. It is a specified button for you usual orders. Just press it and you have it ordered, especially if you don't want to think 24/7 for that and you just remember at the moment you need it.

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Credit to @caseynewton for this hunt via his Verge article.
Amazon continues to reduce the friction from "I need something" to "I bought something." For many, it's become the go-to shopping destination because it has just about everything at reasonable prices and Prime eliminates purchase hesitations that come from evaluating shipping costs and delays. This a bold move and I'm skeptical many will adopt this, but I like that they're experimenting.
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@caseynewton @rrhoover This becomes really powerful when paired with Prime Now - press a button, delivery in under 1 hour. It's like a flight attendant call button for your home.
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@caseynewton Amazing. I proposed something almost identical back in Samsung. Basically a small connected button on everyday products with frequent recurring sales. but it didn't get through. Amazon is one of the only firms that can pull off this type of heavily commerce-tied product. @rrhoover 's point about reducing the friction from "I need something" to "I bought something" is a very real problem that can be overlooked, but can be vastly improved. Sure, the marginal 'discomfort' can be tiny, but since so many people frequently face this problem, it can be huge.
This is so brilliant that people seem to think it's an early April Fools joke: Nice timing, Amazon!
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@jackdweck That is exactly what I thought beffore I read Ryan's comment above.
@jackdweck Still am not sure it isn't April Fools. :)
Amazon Dash button for condoms. Sorry. So so sorry.
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@eric3000 light enough for a drone to carry too.
@eric3000 I can just see the recommendations in the "Customers who bought this product also bought...." section now - hah!
I have to pick up the box, open the box, take out the products and arrange them on the shelf, all by myself?
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Oh wow. This is going to be HUGE! I just sent this to my wife and she said "No freakin' way, the way of the future is here." Then she said, "why didn't you think of this Josh, we could be millionaire's" ๐Ÿ˜„ Just checked out the site and what's even more interesting to me is the Dash Replenishment Service that launched alongside the dash button: Home appliance makers everywhere are rejoicing ๐ŸŽ‰
@joshmuccio If true, this is pretty phenomenal. Not unlike Uber or Postmates opening their APIs... > "Can we really implement DRS with 10 lines of code? Yes. Device makers can start using DRS with as few as 10 lines of code using simple HTML containers and REST API calls. Device makers can place orders on behalf of their customers without having to manage addresses, payment instruments, or billing systems."