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A self-service, cloud-based call center πŸ“ž

#2 Product of the DayMarch 28, 2017
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Cold calls are the worst. 😑 But more seriously, this will be super useful for people building and scaling businesses, through outbound calls or inbound support inquiries. Phone is still the preferred way to communicate for many people and use cases. P.S. Download Truecaller to avoid telemarketers.
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@rrhoover You have no idea. Every company that has customers spends $1-10 for every $100 of revenue they bring in. Most Customer Engagement Management (CEM) platforms are ugly enterprise systems. This is big.
@rrhoover Truecaller downloads your numbers and makes them public on their website...
Props to The Information for calling this one! #punIntended
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I would love to hear from anyone on PH that has used a call center approach to grow their business and hear how well it worked.
@thesiskar We tried this approach two years ago. The question we wanted answering was: "If more people knew we existed, would that result in business for us?" We worked with a cold calling company on a one month campaign, calling 60% of a good, solid, list. We achieved five leads, one of which turned into substantial business.
@thesiskar growing a call center business is not just about outbound calling. We have seen many of our customers as well as ourselves benefit a lot by putting up a phone number on the web site. But putting up a number is not enough, you have to back it up with a proper call center to handle inbound calls and answer queries. Calls are much better way for interaction than the popups we get on the websites. They are costlier, but they lead to more conversions. But a call center is not for everyone, I agree.
@thesiskar I have helped businesses test & deploy calling teams of 4 to 400+ for sales, support, customer success, collections, etc. Thousand foot view: test to verify & build process at HQ for longer than seems necessary. Assume results in call center will be terrible at beginning. Treat call center staff as second only to your own team: listen to input, celebrate wins. Call center that drives meaningful growth is one where you build meaningful relationship: not going to be dirt cheap, not a "fix it and forget it." For the right firm at the right growth stage, though, it can be remarkable.
Amazon should step their design game up.
@dredurr True! And the language too. I feel they overcomplicate their texts.
The term should be "Amazon is eating the world"