Amazon Blueprints is a platform to create your own Alexa Skills without a line of code, in minutes.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
This feels a little IFTTT-like in how easy it is to create something. Bookmarking this for a weekend side project.
@rrhoover Unfortunately though it looks like the blueprint skills won't be published on the Alexa Skills Store and are for personal use only.
@rrhoover @marcorei you should definitely try Storyline, it allows you to publish the skill and much more customizable (
@maximabramchuk Can you publish skills in the free tier using Storyline?

This will allow the average user to customize their Amazon product & maximiize it’s productivity and entertainment value. On the development side, it will downplay the need for specialized coders.


Absolutely, this will let more users create personalized skills


Fewer people will see the benefit of learning coding language.

This is cool. I just made a skill in a couple of minutes. If I could publish this to the skill store easily then i would be a happy camper.
Great job !! 😊 Very useful and great job !! Would love an skills to control Whatsapp messages and etc
Pretty cool!