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#1 Product of the DaySeptember 29, 2019
AltStore is an alternative app store for non-jailbroken devices. Unlike other unofficial app stores today, AltStore does not rely on enterprise certificates, which Apple has been cracking down on more and more recently.
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I've been testing the beta of this for the last few days and now I am finally reliving my childhood by being able to play my favorite Gameboy games on my phone ❤️ Thanks for making this @rileytestut 🙏
Impressive technically, yet be careful as it asks for your Apple IDs, maybe use a secondary one.
@josselinco An Apple ID is required to sign the apps, meaning that apple can't unsign them (as its a "developer" certificate). It's basically a direct IPA store. This is completely different than tweakbox and other alt app stores, as they rely on already existing certificates only hosted on apple's servers (meaning they can unsign them on every phone). This is also why apps only last 7 days before it has to resign itself. If you're worried about your password being compromised, I would suggest using an app password which you can generate on edit: they have a semi-hidden FAQ page which I found on their twitter (@altstoreio)
Looks cool - Would love to see some of the "boundary pushing" apps on your website before I have to: Download a file to my computer...plug in my phone...and then download that file to my phone too
@justin_rockmore +1. Would also love to see more privacy information before installing, like why we have to use a special installer and the effects it could have on our phones. Seems like a cool idea, though!
@bdn Yeah I definitely agree with you - this idea seems great, but oddly sketchy given the lack of website info and the fact that it apparently (according to others) asks for my AppleID + Password...
This is pretty cool, but something tells me it isn't gonna stay around for long...
Where are the games?
@tt122x With your iPhone, go to and choose a game you want to download on your device. Save the game file in the "Files". Then open the "Files" app and select the game file, then hit "Share" and then choose "More". Then find the button "Copy to Delta". And then voila! I'm playing Pokemon lol