Algolia for Shopify

Bringing instant search results to 300K+ store owners

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@jerskouille · Software Engineer, Algolia
If you want to learn more about the application, you can check our blog post here: https://blog.algolia.com/bringin... !
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Nicolas Dessaigne
@dessaigne · Co-founder & CEO, Algolia
Hey hunters, We are super excited to announce our Algolia for Shopify, Help us bring relevancy, instant search and autocomplete capabilities to more than 200,000 online stores and their shoppers! Over the past 18 months, we started getting requests from Shopify users for direct API integrations into their site, and we made the decision earlier this year th… See more
leo varnavas
Pretty useful integraton. Thanks for this one!
@jasobibb · Creative
Sweet! Can this be integrated standalone with Shopify Buttons?
Fred Carlsen
@sjelfull · Web developer at Bakken & Bæck
Algolia is such a sweet product, and I recon this will be great for a lot of stores!
Philippe Assef
@p_assef · Product
I tested algolia for Shopify and it works very well. User friendly & Easy to set up.