Alfred Remote

Supercharged remote control for your Mac (iOS)

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I'm a huge Alfred fan and long-time user (I have a few PH Alfred workflows!) but I'm not sure that this functionality is that interesting, say, compared with Workflows. This seems well within the domain of Alfred the OS X app, but I think they could go broader in terms of overall automation. My 2c.
@chrismessina Remote works great in partnership with workflows (existing and new). While we have youthful, clever brains, sometimes there are just too many keywords and hotkeys to remember - This is when you can create a few Remote pages containing super-useful actions you can launch from your iPad. Prop it next to your Mac during your workday to turn it into a command centre; Add current web page to Evernote, restart your web server, connect to remote devices. Or just simply control your Spotify Mini Player with a workflow like this one: http://alfred-spotify-mini-playe... We'll be posting loads of great use cases on the Alfred blog over the next few weeks so keep an eye on that too! :) Cheers, Vero (Alfred co-founder)
@vero now that I've watched the video, I see that Alfred Remote is seen as a kind of persistent second-screen experience. I was thinking that you'd use this separately, on the go, to perform tasks remotely on your Mac. I see that this is more like a way to turn your iDevice into a controller for your Mac. Makes more sense now!
@vero @chrismessina agree with chris, that's what I was sure Alfred Remote was as well when I bought it. When I downloaded I was a bit disappointed that it's only working on the same wifi network.
@chrismessina @altryne At this point, it's same-network only but we're working on adding new connection methods; We'll be announcing them once we've been able to establish which provide the reliability and speed you need to enjoy your Remote experience :)
Very useful for software servers on a Mac. If you are using your Mac mini (or any Mac) as a software applications server for Plex, iTunes, or other app, this is a very useful way to remotely control your Mac without having to walk up to it or struggle with a bluetooth keyboard/mouse from afar.
I already hack Alfred on my iphone to use as a Plex server remote... for $5, I'm wondering if this will really do all the things Alfred can do.
@schlomo I feel like you're the outlier here ;)
@ahut Well that's no fun. Someone come over and let me try the app out!:)
I use Alfred on my MAC primarily for the robust Search. Does this mobile Remote version provide a more advanced Mobile search option?
The Alfred Remote is a supercharged iOS remote control for your Mac! 📲🖥