Airtable Kanban Boards

The most flexible way to do kanban board workflows

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These days, it seems like a lot of people are doing kanban views (see: Asana's newly-launched kanban, MSFT planner, Github/Gitlabs). As a PM, it makes a lot of sense—it's an incredibly visual way to manage your projects, roadmaps, issues, etc. I especially like Airtable's take because: --It's really flexible—you can create multiple kanban views of the same list, stacked by different dimensions (like status vs priority vs task type). --All fields are custom, and you can filter/sort by any of them. --You can use their linked records feature (since it's really a database) to connect the other info l related to a project or initiative. --You can switch back and forth between a kanban and spreadsheet view (for speed).
I freaking love airtable. Use it as much as any other app other than Dropbox!