Launch new features the way Facebook and Airbnb do

Airship gives everyone the power to roll out new features carefully, instead of blindly hitting deploy. So far, only big companies like Facebook or Airbnb have great tools to do this. Now every company can use Airship to carefully roll out new and features without fear.

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I feel like "contact us" pricing is a misguided tactic and a bit disrespectful to potential customers. You don't make it easy for a visitor to fully consider the value proposition you're offering. You're asking visitors to spend their valuable time considering your service but refuse to dignify them with even a broad notion of what the buy in point might be. Are we talking $20 a month? $200? $20,000? Transparent pricing is the hallmark of a company that is confident in their value and understands their market positioning. It's not unusual for companies to have high level plans priced differently if requirements exceed the core plans, but here you actually present multiple plans and demand to be contacted for all of them. There are only two reasons I can think of as to why one would be inclined to hide pricing altogether: 1) Your pricing process is capricious and not a direct "exchange of value." You generate the pricing on a whim depending on who the client is and what you think their budget might be. 2) You aren't yet comfortable value-wise with what you're bringing to the table. The legacy model of hiding pricing is long disfavored. Maybe you intend it as a qualification process - a bit like high end cars: if you have to ask, you're not the right customer. If so, you should probably be more emphatic about your target market. My intention is posting this is constructive feedback, not admonishment. I know I'm not alone in my irritation. With all that said, feature rollout is not new, but it looks like you have a pretty neat interface to segment and visualize the users for rollout. Kudos. Hopefully I'll see a more transparent pricing model soon, so I know whether or not to spend significant energy considering and evaluating your product. Good luck with your release!
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@etc Craziest rant I have ever seen about pricing. ‘Legacy model’...come on man. Vero just launched with no pricing. Sending them an email to inquire about pricing would have taken 1/10th of the time this ridiculous post took
@mzuvella It is, by all counts, a legacy model. I'm not sure why you're taking issue with that assertion. A decade ago it might have been common to hide pricing but it's uncommon now. Whenever a service is released without transparent pricing, you'll find complaints. Just look through the comments here. I'm not the only one that found it frustrating. You seem to take issue with the fact that I took the time to provide feedback to the makers. Sorry...I guess? Regardless, you missed the point. This isn't about the time it takes to get the pricing. It's about respecting your visitors by making it easy and efficient to properly evaluate your product. The way you sneer at the notion that a visitor would rather not jump through hoops to evaluate your product borders on contempt. As a "Director of Marketing," you might want to spend more time considering and listening rather than denigrating those that have taken the time to share their experience and feedback. After checking out "FamePick" though, your caustic response makes complete sense in context. You're hyper-defensive because you've chosen the same tactic. Since you practice it first hand, instead of being defensive, maybe you can help rationalize your approach and model. These comment areas provide a fantastic forum for feedback, dialog and discussion. You'd get a lot further trying to engage, rather than publicly insulting others under the banner of the company you represent, especially when they took the time to provide feedback, just like they're now taking the time to dignify you with a proper response. P.S. As I understand it, Vero is providing the product completely free for the first million people. If they're not going to charge you for the service, then there is obviously no need to share what the pricing model might be in the future.
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@etc ‘hyper defensive’ 😂 I run an ad agency...go to Droga5 or Anomalys website and let me know if they have pricing.
@mzuvella I don't know if "celebrity endorsement for bid" constitutes an ad agency, but ok. As someone who "runs an ad agency" and "marketer," I'd imagine you're particularly careful about how you present yourself online. I hope public vitriol and insult help establish the veneer and reputation you want associated with your company and online identity.
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Interesting, but the pricing page contains no actual pricing information beyond the free tier. I am not inclined to start a trial on a service without any idea of what the final pricing might be.
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@jason_o_jensen Jason, thanks for pointing out that our pricing information could be better! If you have a question regarding pricing, the best way to find out how it works for you is to shoot us an email at You can always get started in the free tier!
@jason_o_jensen @airshiphq @tewr05 Alternatively, if I have a basic question, such as pricing, and I can't easily find the answer on the website, I simply go away.
what's the point of having a pricing page that says "contact us"?
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@sagivo secret pricing duh!
Feature flags are the best. We use them at PH for managing beta releases and internal testing.
@rrhoover thanks Ryan!

Love the design!


Useful for smaller companies to roll out effectively. I can't even count the number if times I've messed something up w/o a tool like this.


Not much...still testing it out.