AirConsole 2.0

A new way to play games together with friends.


AirConsole is a true social cloud-based video game console.

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Green Room Creative

My parents were addicted to Tied Together and they've never played video games in their lives!


It's fast, easy and perfect for casual gamers!


The ads are a little annoying, but its only $2.99 a month for ad-free use!

Overnight Stocker

My family has tried a few of the games and they can be quite fun. I look forward to more releases.


Easy to use and set up. Very affordable.


They are party games, and that is what the platform is designed for. But would like a few RPGs or Action Adventure games, for solo play.

Even with some interface issues, the games are incredibly fun!

The Airconsole was created to have co-op games in it, but some solo games would be good to it's consumers, and would expand the product options


Very funny party games, low price and easy to use.


Some games look unfinished with bad menus and collisions; some would need timers and unready/go back options