AirConsole 2.0

A new way to play games together with friends.

AirConsole is a true social cloud-based video game console.

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Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us! Hello PH! Rafael from the AirConsole team here. In autumn 2015 we launched a MVP of AirConsole. Back then, we had only 6 local-multiplayer games, a wannabe “store” and all hopes to make AirConsole a true social cloud-based video game console. Since then, AirConsole has grown a lot in many ways. Today we have over 100 games with a couple of dozens more under development. We have built a community of millions of players around the world, and over two thousands developers have used our API. (Our core team is still the same five people). During this time, we have also tried different ways to monetize. After dozens of A/B tests, we now offer to players two products; AirConsole Free (free access with limited options) and AirConsole Hero, an all-in monthly subscription priced at $ 2.99 USD. Today I’m happy to announce AirConsole 2.0, an update that brings AirConsole to new platforms. We have just released our screen apps for tablets (Android & iPad) and Windows Desktop, with a Mac app coming soon. Over 10 games have joined our lineup in the last two weeks: The team’s favorites among these are My Friends Are___, Penny’s Farm and IN, in case you want to check them out. We’re also introducing a new line of games called “AirConsole Originals”, these games are produced and funded by AirConsole. The first Original title will be joining our lineup in the next days. We have plans to release one game per week, to boost the platform’s value for subscribers. And finally we have redesigned our app and developed a brand-new marketing campaign. Our goal with AirConsole is to provide fun, easy to setup and affordable digital group experiences and I’m super happy to get your thoughts about AirConsole. We’ll be around to answer questions, ask us anything! Also to make sure you stay productive at the office today, I’m sharing some free AirConsole Hero codes, so that you can give it a go with your co-workers. You can call that “team building exercises”. To redeem the codes, just download the AirConsole app and enter the code on the codepad. (The codes are first come, first served.) 944 041 732 5 968 990 538 0 923 645 880 4 927 397 993 3 969 909 534 5 907 180 490 6 928 798 532 7 932 467 193 5 934 270 471 8 911 353 113 8
@morgam Thank you ^_^
@norod78 Sure thing! Enjoy :-)
@morgam Any more codes available? :)
@abadchris one: 907 085 084 8 ;-)
This is brilliant. Loved playing a few games.
Thanks, @ktkaushik. We have some fantastic new games joining our lineup soon.
Do game developers need to develop something specific to make AirConsole work?
@vladkorobov Hi Vlad I'm the TechLead here at AirConsole. Game Developers need to implement the AirConsole API so that the games can be controlled using smartphones: They can design the look and feel of the controller, so it matches their game perfectly. We have plugins for Unity, Construct2, Construct3 and HTML5/JS games. If you want to know more about how to implement a game for AirConsole, have a look at our developer portal that includes tutorials, guides, api references, faqs, etc etc: Cheers, -Andrin
Love this! But probably won't really be able to use it until support for Apple TV becomes available. @morgam is there any plan to do this?
@ryan_selvy So at the moment you can use as "console" your PC, tablet, Android TV, and any computer browser. Unfortunately, AirConsole is not available on Apple TV yet, and we have no plans at the moment.

My parents were addicted to Tied Together and they've never played video games in their lives!


It's fast, easy and perfect for casual gamers!


The ads are a little annoying, but its only $2.99 a month for ad-free use!