Airbnb React Sketch.app

Render React components to Sketch for design systems

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@jongold · AI design tools
Hey y'all! Super excited to share this with you :) I wrote more about why we built it on our blog — http://airbnb.design/painting-wi... — happy to answer any questions 🙏
Jonathan Simcoe
@jdsimcoe · Designer. Jesus lover. Family man.
I've been following from afar watching the work @jongold and the team at Airbnb Design Language Systems have been doing with Sketch and React. I'm excited to see this fresh thinking come together with this new tool that is open-source and available for the broader community to build rich design systems with and collaborate with engineers. Kudos to all who co… See more
Steven Rueter
@rueter · Developer
Airbnb makes better design software than most actual design software companies, and it's great 🙌
Sagiv Ofek
i'm actually looking for the other way around - create react code from a design template.
Viljami Salminen
@viljamis · Product Designer, Founder
I’ve been waiting for this tool ever since I heard @jongold was working on it. Pretty excited to see it launch and also to be able to start testing it in our design system projects.