Airbnb for iPad

A new design experience for travelers and hosts

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The app looks gorgeous @kp. Nicely done! Would love to hear your thoughts on design and process. Any hidden easter eggs we should hunt for?
Airbnb is increasingly a lifestyle brand. The lean-back, visual browsing experience emphases this along with their magazine (yes, a physical magazine), Pineapple, emphases this even more. It looks great: More details in this TC article by @ryanlawler.
New in Version 11.1: We customized our app for iPad so everything you need as a traveler and a host is at your fingertips. Enjoy seamless navigation, access your itinerary, check your messages, and respond to your guests with a few simple swipes.
Been waiting for this one for a long time. I always enjoy just flicking through AirBNB on the web and adding places to my wish lists in all the cities I would love to visit. Always missed the fact that I couldn't have that same great app experience on a tablet. Browsing AirBNB always felt like it would be perfectly suited for a native iPad experience. Now that it has one, consider me stoked.
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