True wireless earbuds that last for 50 hours 🎧

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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 16, 2018

Bringing the latest in audio technology, the Mavin Air-X Headphones are the longest lasting true wireless headphones on the market.

✅ Incredible 50 hours of playtime

✅ Bluetooth 5.0

✅ 100 Foot Range

✅ TrueWireless Stereos Plus+

✅ Low Latency

✅ Easy Pairing

✅ Stereo Calling

✅ Splash Resistant

✅ Pocket-Sized Charging Case




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John SmartHiring@thesmart · Figma
Can you wear one ear bud at a time?
Chris Wilson@automateiq · VoiceCut CEO
Looks Pretty amazing. I tried to order some ear buds from Indiegogo almost 3 years ago and they never arrived. Asking for a refund. I hope these work out!
Abdisalan Mohamud@mohamud94 · Teaching Assistant, Tufts University
@automateiq I've been burned as well, but by pebble time. Really made me lose my trust in crowdfunded projects :/
Mike Cataldo@mccataldo · Software Eng., Test Nerd, Indie Hacker
I can get excited about crowdfunded products as much as the next, but really anything in this category is more of an idea than a product. Keep PH and Vaporware Hunt separate to spare us the letdown. Now that that's out of the way, I can't wait for a solid airpods competitor and I hope this works out and I'll have my cash ready when I see the updated PH post!
Akash@akash_gaara · life.apply{() -> hackIt} I got these, totally worth it. I dont see anything that Air-X is providing over this
Randy Bryan@texasaggie1 · product Hunter
These look awesome! I love the long battery life.