Record and store unlimited Ultra HD video with your phone

On Air you can finally record and store unlimited video in 4K Ultra HD, and our paired web app lets you access your gallery on any connected device.
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Air is my default way for capturing memories today and it is the best way to consume and share life events - for your own personal consumption and for sharing with loved ones. I can't wait to see what these guys do!


Unlimited video storage + beautiful design = best app ever for all of your memories


No cons

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My home videos are my most prized possessions. They allow me to travel back in time to family trips and Christmas mornings, a childhood full of laughter and a home full of life. When my phone replaced the family camcorder, I lost this uniquely special format of content. The few clips I had cluttered my storage and some of the highlights ended up compressed on social media. Today, we’re launching Air to allow you to capture unlimited, Ultra HD video with your phone. On Air you can record for 10 minutes or 10 seconds: we automatically sync your videos to the cloud so you’ll never use up the storage on your device. Our tech is designed to protect the quality of your videos and we charge one flat price ($4.99/mo) because we never want you to think about gigabytes and megabytes. We’d love you to give Air a try and let us know what you think! We built the product for young parents, but our community continues to grow to travelers, adventurers, and hopefully you. Always here as you have any comments, questions, or ideas! Take care, Shane PS: Check out some home videos from our buddy, Levi! He’s the real star of today’s launch :)
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Air is super helpful for me to share snippets of my life and some of my cherished memories with my parents. (both 65+ and not so tech savvy)

Instead of fumbling to try to get my parents on an app like Instagram or Snapchat, Air allows me to store and share videos with them in a v easy to use format!


Cloud Video Storage + Sharing Videos as a URL



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Signed up to convert my old family video's to digital through their kickstarter campaign.


Shoot all my video's in Air. The unlimited storage and easy access to my video's is amazing. Love the product!!



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Hello Robert, am wondering if this product helps with photo as well? Thank you, Evan O'Dourney
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Great way to save big video files


Easy to use


None yet

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