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Video Chat in browser with AI Subtitles + Transcript

#1 Product of the DayMarch 06, 2019
Aiko Meet is the first video conferencing solution built with AI. Audio is automatically subtitled, and you'll receive a full transcript at the end of your call!
Take calls right in your browser with a custom link (no extensions, no installs), fully private.
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HELLO Product Hunters! Today I'm super super excited to announce the launch of Aiko AI's first product, Aiko Meet. Aiko Meet is a video conferencing solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide subtitles + a full transcript! As a very small team of remote makers, we rely on video conferencing very much in order to communicate. However, we often find ourselves forgetting what we said or asking each other to repeat phrases. After asking around, we found this was a common problem with no easy solution. Aiko Meet aims to solve this using artificial intelligence. Your call is automatically transcribed in realtime, and you'll be able to see subtitles for people as they speak! Rest assured you'll never miss another word. Moreover, after the call, the room owner will be emailed a full transcript, so you can go back in time to find those important tidbits of information! Aiko Meet is made with privacy in mind, and so we never store any audio or video on our end. We don't store any information regarding who joined your call, and utilize WebRTC (a peer to peer protocol). We're also proud to be one of the ONLY video conferencing solutions to implement a fully connected mesh, meaning your calls are directly between you and your team. Other cool features: - Picture in Picture mode so you can pop out a video and take it with you in other applications - Integrated Chat - Send/Receive Images (paste them into chat!) - Screensharing without extensions (supported on Chrome 72+ and Firefox) - Knocking so you can choose who to let in - and lots more coming soon! It's been a long, long journey here, and we've got a lot more planned (including Translation and Comprehension--stay tuned!). We hope you find this tool as useful as we have! With , Two Makers with too much time
@priansh I can't tell you how impressed I am -this is a killer product - AI is cool -and most important it works well. I just tested and got the transcript, and you were right on your site; this is MAGIC !!!! great job Congrats
@tomerdi thank you so much!!! Glad to see it working!

I'm loving the product! The transcript is great, but the real kicker for me is the Picture in Picture mode. Being able to just pop out my coworker and jump on another screen has made my calls 10x more productive!


- Subtitles + Transcript - Picture in Picture mode - Easy link share


None so far!

This is cool, is it cross-platform though? Its a very interesting idea to add subtitles to everything but Im wondering if it only works on some devices/platforms.
@benlalib Thanks! And yes, it is cross platform We recommend using Google Chrome on any device for the best experience, but we have some support for other browsers as well. We've managed to use it on Safari, Firefox, and Edge, as well as on iOS and Android.
Very cool work! I'm honestly addicted. I see the transcript comes in a CSV format as well, are there any plans to add a more meeting notes style format?
@antonioabrown Thanks! And yes, we have some more tools coming up to pick out the most important details. Stay tuned!
I'd like to second this. I'd love to see this feature as well, especially for compliance!
Agreed! Very good news for financial institutions.
Thanks @bivianrlambert and @bernardkbrown ! We will bump up this feature and work on getting it out as soon as possible. We've gotten a lot of feedback regarding using Aiko Meet for financial compliance and it's something we are making an absolute priority.

I can't tell you how impressed I am -this is a killer product - AI is cool - most important it works. I just tested and got the transcript, and you were right on your site; this is MAGIC !!!! great job Congrats


EASY TO USE great qulity


nothing - its amazing

Thanks so much Tomer! We're super grateful for all the support and advice! Happy to launch w/ Street Team :)