Agent Sift by PipeCandy

Find eCommerce companies based on topics that matter to you

There are over half a million eCommerce companies in English speaking markets. With this tool, you can build versatile lists limited only by your imagination - Search for athleisure companies or those that use merino wool on their jackets.
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Amazing to see how much data you've aggregated! Love the intuitive discovery process guys!
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! Can’t wait to add some more pizzazz to it!
Over the last decade, eCommerce has exploded. Many eCommerce companies stand out from the crowd but data providers still classify them with boring old "industry tags". That doesn't help an investor looking for trends or a logistics provider looking for eCommerce companies that need cold storage. Agent Sift shines a new light on traditional eCommerce data, identify trends and topics that matter to you!
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