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Think its quite an obvious space for AI to innovate - customer service. Will be interesting to see how it evolves
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@bentossell I've rarely seen AI work in customer service. I know it's come a long way, but as much as we want it, it's so hard to succeed because people are so unique.
@mrabramowitz an Oxford study forecasts the likelihood of AI replacing customer service jobs at 91% and it's already starting, e.g. at RBS http://www.telegraph.co.uk/techn...
@josef_moser it's a frightening thought
Is no one else in this space? Whoever wins it, stands to disrupt probably 30% of B2C Startup overhead. @getagentai @bentossell
Nice work Fred! This is the future!
@brandon_kleinman Yes we believe so too. Please check out Faqbot https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Not saying AI can't replace or out-compete human interaction when it comes to customer service but sometimes, you just want to talk/message/chat to a real person. AI is great for things like pre-handoff or augmenting existing conversations with useful links/articles, etc but not a viable channel by itself at this point in time. We're also working on "smart" features to augment existing ways customers talk to businesses. Very interesting space indeed. @bentossell
@davidsfeng @bentossell agreed, customer service is interesting but i feel there needs to be a direct line to a real person built into the platform in case people ever want to talk to a human, i dont think a complete handoff to bots will go down well with the average user
@poolnoodle93 the question is: would the average user even notice that he/she is not chatting with a human, but a bot?
This looks promising, worth taking a look. any first hand user experience here on PH ?