With the Adobe XD + Dropbox Paper integration, when you paste a XD link in Dropbox Paper, your team can always find the latest designs in one place and interact with your designs so that your ideas are brought to life.

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Mike Khaw
Product Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud
Another new integration to help Adobe XD designers collaborate in the tools they already love using. With the new integration, XD users can: - Share and preview XD prototype links. No matter their department or role, your collaborators will be able to see an embedded, interactive preview of the XD prototype in Dropbox Paper on web, Android, and iOS. - Simplify design collaboration. Members of your team will be able to comment and annotate, as well as store other key project items together directly in Dropbox Paper. - Update XD prototypes seamlessly. Clicking on the XD link in Dropbox Paper allows designers to access familiar features within the Adobe XD interface. When someone updates a prototype, those changes reflect within Dropbox Paper. As always, please send us your feedback.
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@mike_khaw Think its like Mockingbot.