Adobe Scan

Adobe's free scan app with text recognition superpowers

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Faisal Hassan
I wonder what's going on with Product Hunt nowadays. A tshirt with a misspelled word gets 100+ upvotes while amazing products like this don't get any recognition.
Camron Cade
@camroncade · ✈️ Austin, TX
Nice hunt! Adobe has really been killing it with their app game lately.
Parwinder Bhagat
@parwinder · Technical Lead, Developer
Why do I need to signup to use a scanner app! Secondly, there are so many good alternatives. Genius Scan, Scanner Pro and Evernote to name a few.
Nick Abouzeid 🕴
@nickabouzeid · Social & Growth Intern at Product Hunt
Perfect app for students - I can't tell you how many random pieces of paper I've lost over the years, and there's always that professor that refuses or forgets to upload everything to the class website. Just scan the paper right when you get it in class. Boom. No more hassle.
@xtoq · Smokie Does Stuff
I wonder how this will compare to the Evernote feature I use daily. BRB