Adobe Scan

Adobe's free scan app with text recognition superpowers

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I wonder what's going on with Product Hunt nowadays. A tshirt with a misspelled word gets 100+ upvotes while amazing products like this don't get any recognition.
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@faisal_hassanx because this has only just been featured...
@bentossell It was hunted early yesterday but now it says that it was hunted 8 minutes ago. Does it take a day for products to get featured? I'm seriously confused. I thought good products eventually went to the top but now it seems like that's not the case.
@faisal_hassanx products are featured at different times. this was just featured which is why it says 8 mins ago. I've no doubt this will do well. the community upvote what they find interesting. The feed is often very full with lots of products so some pushed to the next day
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@faisal_hassanx I believe you that there are lot of products which get so many upvotes for nothing...I think it depends on the community and what they want, like real life, definitely there will be lobbyists of some products. Like this one I don't why people are voting for this product as it is nothing but a mere scanner app and there are much better with many more features and much better designed apps from many developers available, I don't know what makes this so unique. If Product hunt also show the views of each product, we all might understand the real impact of these upvotes... As I might see any products based on its upvotes but it might not get my upvote unless I like it.
@nilsej @faisal_hassanx think you'll find that Faisal was saying that this product was an amazing one... All upvotes are from the community. Everyone has different opinions. That is ok. Its what makes this community so great and so different.
Nice hunt! Adobe has really been killing it with their app game lately.
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Why do I need to signup to use a scanner app! Secondly, there are so many good alternatives. Genius Scan, Scanner Pro and Evernote to name a few.
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@parwinder Yeah, a blocking login requirement before I can the test the scanning feature. Immediately uninstalled, Scanner Pro is just the way to go!
Perfect app for students - I can't tell you how many random pieces of paper I've lost over the years, and there's always that professor that refuses or forgets to upload everything to the class website. Just scan the paper right when you get it in class. Boom. No more hassle.
I wonder how this will compare to the Evernote feature I use daily. BRB
Okay, so I think it's roughly equivalent to Evernote's offer in this space, although the PDF annotation features in EN are premium. EN nicely cropped and rotated my document but Adobe didn't. Adobe used the flash on a glossy document while EN never did. EN seems to have better recognition of whether to scan as a document or photo, but the scan of a drawing on both was about equal. Adobe doesn't seem to have black and white photo scan (although I don't think they claim to either). Must store in Adobe Document Cloud, but can share via mobile app menu, link, or email. Exported to EN via mobile share menu no problem. TLDR: I don't see me using this instead of Evernote at the moment, especially since I don't really want to have another cloud service to deal with, but for those who can't or don't wish to use Evernote, this will be great. Students will especially enjoy, since they likely can't pay for Evernote premium to get EN's annotation feature.
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@xtoq There's a special promotion for students though :)
@dylan36032 Thanks, but only available for new Evernote account holders. Other students will love that though! <3