Adobe Premiere Rush CC

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Create online videos that wow your followers. The all-new Premiere Rush is the first app that lets you shoot, edit, and share to popular social channels — all from one app, anywhere you are. It’s easy to use and it’ll transform the way you create.

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Michael Henry
Lauren Brunner
Chase Thompson
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  • Chase Thompson
    Chase ThompsonBrazen Equity

    - Robust interface

    - CC Syncing is fantastic


    - Audio editing, specifically music, is lacking

    - Not as intuitive as other options

    Really dig the effort on this. It's something I would've loved a year ago. However, it's trying to fill the gap, for me at least, for apps like Spark Camera. Spark is just easier and more intuitive to use, though not as robust.

    As an Adobe CC member since Creative Cloud launched, I really enjoy what they're trying to do. It's like a mini FCPX. However, simple things like adding a fade on imported music should be available. Other apps at $2.99 USD can do it, but this monthly sub app lacks that ability - in the phone interface.

    Now, once you bring that media over to the desktop it's a different story. But, if I want to share something captured, edited, then posted from my phone. It isn't good enough to convert me from other apps yet.

    Chase Thompson has used this product for one day.