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Interesting angle. What's the difference between this and something like Canva or Buffer's Pablo tool?
@ryabrams We really wanted to start with mobile and especially phone given that social is something that happens on the go and at all times. We believe the design process (through Design Filters) is radically different than the products you mentioned. Where in a single tap you can change your existing design into something completely different. A different approach than providing templates and asking people to migrate their content or just require people to do everything manually. In a few taps you can get to a completely new look and recolor your design too. We strive to remove as much friction as possible in the design process for these users who want to standout but don't have the skills or time.
@thibault_imbert Good stuff! Looking forward to trying it out. Keep up the great work.
Just tried it. Very cool design experience. Makes it almost too easy to generate cool little posts. The simple design process is the best I've seen on these types of quick design apps. I don't see the value in requiring an Adobe ID to use the app though...
@pddro Thanks for the kind words Pedro , we have so much cool stuff coming in the next updates. Can't wait to see what you think. For the Adobe ID, we just need an account to associate the designs that we sync privately to the cloud with you. This allows you to replace your phone and still keep your designs without thinking about it.
Adobe has pretty amazing products, but the constant Adobe login is just killing everything for me. Sometimes I have to re-log back in, and it's a damn pain to copy and paste from 1password. I'm sure anybody with a hard to type email/password drops off pretty quickly.
@art_chang Hi Arthur, thanks for the kind words about Adobe products :) We wanted this login process to be as seamless as possible, knowing that some people really hate going through this. Currently we have Facebook login, we would love to introduce other social logins like Twitter and Google to offer other options. Frankly, it makes our life easier because we sync the designs remotely and we can associate them with people's accounts. You get a new device or go to a new platform to use the tool, your designs follow you.
This is a really really good user experience. Adobe has been raising their standards quite significantly compare to all the desktop products you used to learn for ages before getting into. And it's still tackling professional market. I wonder how did that happened!?