Stop email interruptions, receive emails 3 times a day


Say Adiós to unnecessary interruptions!

How it works:

1. Emails only get delivered into your inbox at the times you specify (e.g. 7am, 1pm and 5pm).

2. Choose email exceptions, which will always be delivered immediately (e.g.

3. Need to access an email urgently? No problem - just click 'Deliver emails now' in Adiós.

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How is this product different from the competitors? Is there any possibility to delete spam?


usefull for everyone


so many competitors

hey Nadezhda. Thanks for the review! 😃 We've spent quite a bit of time on the design, which hopefully will make it more fun that use than the competition - but Adios is also totally free ;)

Have been using this for about a month and love that I don't get distracted by constant flow of emails throughout the day. All emails are attached to a label if you really want to "peek" before the scheduled delivery time(s) you've set-up.


- It helps eliminate distractions of constant emails flooding your inbox.

- Schedule them for the time(s) that works best


-Wish they would add ability to Whitelist entire domains (They are already looking into this though)

If Google doesn't add this, I'd be worried about a developer making an add-on. it is a time-based rule that diverts e-mails to folder and then dumps them back to the inbox at certain times.


Useful idea


I'd be worried that Google will add this to Gmail someday.

If you value your time and work you need big, focused time intervals to focus and creative thinking. Connection to the network should be restricted to 1 hour 1-3 times per day max for email, phone calls, and whatever social crap you are stuck into.


Good idea to stay focused.


Email is not enough. is a great tool for blocking entire websites.

I like the app as it helps me to focus on the real work to happen. Simple and straight forward. Get me my mails in doses. It's a good help on a way to more discipline.


Completely free, quick and easy to turn on and off, personal contact to creators


You need to give them access to your mails. They do not have a standard GDPR-compliant legal process in place yet (relevant in EU)

Hey Martin, thanks for your review. Really appreciate the feedback. One thing - we're based in Europe and are GDPR compliant. Do you think you could be specific about what you think is missing?