AdGuard for iOS Pro 2.0

Ultimate iOS system-wide ad blocking and privacy protection


AdGuard Pro is the ultimate ad blocker and privacy protection tool for iOS. System-wide trackers blocking is not limited to Safari. DNS encryption prevents tampering and tracking by any third party including your ISP. Easy blocking of adult, phishing and malware sites. Top-notch Safari content blocking: more than 50 filters are at your service.

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Nastasya Savina
Vit McFly
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  • Vit McFly
    Vit McFlyVice President at ISDEF

    Ad blocking at the level of device and DNS encryption


    Some lists are blocking non-popular social media buttons, you need to unblock them if you'd like to pin/share/like the content

    I'm not an iOS user but my son is always playing games at his iPad, and you can imagine how many ads are shown inside the so-called free games full of never-ending interstitial ads

    Vit McFly has used this product for one week.
  • Nastasya Savina
    Nastasya SavinaFascinated by new technologies

    Looks cool, saves me lots of time and bandwidth when browsing


    Too many fine-tuning options for my taste. I like apps extremely simple.

    Love this tool, I feel safer with it.

    Nastasya Savina has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, lots of options to customize, reasonably fast even with a lots of filters


    "Block an ad on this page" widget almost never works. It actually generates kinda crazy blocking rules that you have to correct later

    Can't imagine using an iPhone without it

    Yaroslav Eremenko has used this product for one year.