AdGuard for iOS Pro 2.0

Ultimate iOS system-wide ad blocking and privacy protection

AdGuard Pro is the ultimate ad blocker and privacy protection tool for iOS. System-wide trackers blocking is not limited to Safari. DNS encryption prevents tampering and tracking by any third party including your ISP. Easy blocking of adult, phishing and malware sites. Top-notch Safari content blocking: more than 50 filters are at your service.


  • Vit McFlyVice President at ISDEF

    Ad blocking at the level of device and DNS encryption


    Some lists are blocking non-popular social media buttons, you need to unblock them if you'd like to pin/share/like the content

    I'm not an iOS user but my son is always playing games at his iPad, and you can imagine how many ads are shown inside the so-called free games full of never-ending interstitial ads

    Vit McFly has used this product for one week.
  • Nastasya SavinaFascinated by new technologies

    Looks cool, saves me lots of time and bandwidth when browsing


    Too many fine-tuning options for my taste. I like apps extremely simple.

    Love this tool, I feel safer with it.

    Nastasya Savina has used this product for one month.


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Andrey MeshkovMaker@ay_meshkov · CTO & Co-Founder at
Hello Product Hunters! We're very excited about the new version of AdGuard Pro for iOS! Let me, please introduce it and explain what's so unique about AdGuard. ## Introduction AdGuard is the most advanced ad blocking and privacy protection tool for iOS. It consists of two modules: a Safari Content Blocker and a DNS filtering module. Each of them provides a separate layer of ad&tracking protection. ## DNS Filtering AdGuard uses a local dummy VPN tunnel to intercept DNS requests. This lets us provide you with some awesome features. **Trackers detection** Check the DNS requests log and look for the yellow rows there -- these are known tracking domains detected by AdGuard. By default, AdGuard does not block them (thanks to Apple's policy: However, you can manually block them or add a blocking list subscription that will handle it. **Blocking Lists** AdGuard supports both "hosts"-files syntax and basic "adblock"-rules syntax. Feel free to add any blocking lists subscriptions in the app's privacy settings. All the blocking will be done locally with no remote server involved. It will work system-wide and won't be limited to Safari alone. **DNS Encryption** AdGuard brings DNSCrypt ( protocol support to iOS. You can choose from a huge list of available encrypted servers and keep your DNS traffic protected from third-parties (your ISP, for instance) snooping on it. ## Top-notch Safari Content Blocker First of all, I'd like to tell you a little about ad blockers in general. Whichever ad blocker you use, the mechanic is similar. An ad blocker interprets a set of so-called "filtering rules" combined in filter subscriptions. The community that maintains these filter subscriptions are the real heroes and you should thank them for the ad-free experience. The most popular subscription is EasyList. We at AdGuard maintain our subscriptions ("AdGuard filters"), and you don't even need to be an AdGuard user to benefit from them (ublock or ABP users can use them as well). In 2015 Apple introduced a native API for Safari content blockers. The problem is that this API is very limited. It is not fully compatible with traditional ad blocking rules syntax, it has a 50k rules limit (while EasyList alone contains more than 70k rules), and that makes it hard to bring desktop-level quality ad blocking to iOS. We managed to beat these limitations. AdGuard lets you choose from a list of popular filter subscriptions that you are already used to see in your desktop ad blocker. ## AdGuard for iOS is Open Source We value your privacy and want to be as transparent as possible. That's why AdGuard for iOS is the only premium ad blocker which code is published on Github: Feel free to submit bug reports and feature requests there. P.S. If you decide to try AdGuard, there's an ongoing sale on App Store. Additionally, here is a 50% discount code for other AdGuard premium products (Win/Mac/Android):
Gandhi@leo72445 · Software Developer
@ay_meshkov does this still block ads in third party apps? I've read that there was an issue about Apple rejecting apps that use VPN based technology for blocking system wide ads. Is that resolved?
Andrey MeshkovMaker@ay_meshkov · CTO & Co-Founder at
@leo72445 We cannot do it by default due to the Apple's policy, but technically, you can find & add a blocking list that does it for you.
Gandhi@leo72445 · Software Developer
@ay_meshkov so the machinery and the capbility is still present in the app? We just need to source the blocking list that blocks them in particular?
Andrey MeshkovMaker@ay_meshkov · CTO & Co-Founder at
@leo72445 exactly
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! Will try it out 😊
Cheng Qian@chiancheng · Editor,
Hands down the best privacy tool on iOS. I’ve used Disconnect for 3 years before switching over. AdGuard Pro has custom blocking rules. This would allow me to catch and block overlooked trackers and those in other language. (I have a lot of Chinese apps on my phone.) Also the DNS query log enables me to see which apps are constantly pining their servers and ad servers when network environment changes. I’m looking at you Wifi Map.
Igor Gonebnyy@igonebnyy · Business Development @Branch
@ay_meshkov Great job and really good product!
Andrey MeshkovMaker@ay_meshkov · CTO & Co-Founder at
@igonebnyy thank you!
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
What's new in this update, @ay_meshkov?
Andrey MeshkovMaker@ay_meshkov · CTO & Co-Founder at
@amrith hi! A LOT of new things. The most important: 1. Privacy module now supports custom hosts/adblock subscriptions; 2. Encrypted DNS via DNSCrypt; 3. Complete redesign; 4. Trackers detection, you can now see who is trying to track you; More details: