Adblock Fast

A faster ad blocker for browsers and iOS 9


@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
I'm not sure exactly how I feel about AdBlocking, on one hand i think the user has the right to do whatever they want on their desktop, on the other it feels like the free web will be challenged by Apple's new support of ad blocking on mobile. If ads were not so obtuse there wouldn't be this growing reaction against them, so I think ultimately ad blocking … See more
Paul Shapiro
@fighto · Director of Strategy & Innovation
It would be great to see a uBlock comparison.
@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
most interesting part of this is the mobile piece.... AdBlock Fast is designed for iOS 9... which i think comes out on like the 17th. that's when this war will get really real
Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Alright, I've disabled AdBlock and Adblock Plus — will give this a shot and see how it fares.
Esteban Aravena
@esbvn · Director of Client Services
I really don't want to learn what the icons mean on the chrome button, can it just be a pop-up menu like Adblock Plus?