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A faster ad blocker for browsers and iOS 9

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I'm not sure exactly how I feel about AdBlocking, on one hand i think the user has the right to do whatever they want on their desktop, on the other it feels like the free web will be challenged by Apple's new support of ad blocking on mobile. If ads were not so obtuse there wouldn't be this growing reaction against them, so I think ultimately ad blocking software exists because publishers are pushing too hard. Eventually I think these services will force publishers to move to user-supported models more and more.
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@jason sorta like Pando's approach?
@jason I agree with you. Since Apple is supporting it on mobile, its just a matter of time before publishers are changing how they advertise completely. It is way too pushy and everywhere. I completely see why people would want to get ads out of the way, they're too intrusive. Even if I never use ad blockers. Nice product for what it is, though.
@jason Allowing ads to be skipped was a big win for me. I still don't get why so many content providers don't allow that. I'll stick around for an interesting/focused ad around my interests. Let me get on with my day when irrelevant ads hit. Then you have the repetition issue. It's a test of patience seeing the same, non-skippable, ad when I need to refresh the page (sync issues) or when a producer decides to play ads on sites like Twitch. As a consumer I'd love to learn about new things I wasn't aware of. As a builder I suck it up to support these services. As a realist it's hard to blame anyone for wanting to flip something like this on. Someone needs to shake up how this stuff hits us.
@jason Thanks for posting! And for bringing the subject up. Lots and lots of people already use ad blockers … that are technically ( and ethically ( challenged. We thought ad blocking coming to iOS was a good chance to do better. Speaking of iOS, here’s an iOS 9 explainer gif:
It would be great to see a uBlock comparison.
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@fighto Okay! The next time we do a benchmarking roundup (although I’d prefer if others took over the public comparing). Fwiw, a uBlock supporter on Hacker News ran a memory test and said uBlock *only* used 70% more memory than Adblock Fast. :-/
most interesting part of this is the mobile piece.... AdBlock Fast is designed for iOS 9... which i think comes out on like the 17th. that's when this war will get really real
Alright, I've disabled AdBlock and Adblock Plus — will give this a shot and see how it fares.
@chrismessina Cool, please report back! I’d love to hear what you find in the wild.
@byoogle well, it fails big time on The Pirate Bay. :)
@chrismessina Fails as in misses ads?
@chrismessina as did i. i generally trust PH over everything else. and love the copy. great job @rocketship
I really don't want to learn what the icons mean on the chrome button, can it just be a pop-up menu like Adblock Plus?
@esbvn Red = blocking. Grey = not so much blocking. That's all you need to know ;)