Actions by Moleskine

A minimal, sophisticated list maker and scheduler.

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 15, 2018

Keep on top of everything in your head, whether it’s movies to watch or the details of your next big project. Stay on track at work and home, the card based design is a clutter-free way to visualise everything that needs doing.

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Love it! There's a lot to improve though


Beautiful app. Same level of intricate design choices as Timepage.


Has a separate subscription plan, even for paying Timepage customers.

Thanks Renz! Would love any feature suggestions you have, our feature request board is at:
Think the TimePage app got a bit too complicated lately and not sure with their new subscription model. It will be hard to convince me away from Things. Biggest draw back I see is no options for mac. The integration between these two apps seems to be stellar though and never saw this done in such a way...
@jonas_petermann yeah. Pretty interesting approach. Somehow feels like the whole Foursquare-Swarm thing
@jonas_petermann Hi Jonas - thanks for the feedback, is there anything in particular that is making Timepage feel too complicated? This is actually the main reason that we approached Actions in the way we did, we didn't want Timepage to become a Swiss army knife! Regarding desktop/Mac...this is very much on our own Action list! 😀
@jonas_petermann @hamey Any idea when the Mac App is coming. That is the deal breaker for me.
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This. is. beautiful.
@syswarren Aw, thanks Julie! ☺️
Really digging this. Love the integration with Timepage. Only suggestion is why have to pay for both?
Is there a version for Android?
@emmataylor8 We're actually hard at work on this at the moment and will need some testers pretty soon. Please add your vote here so we can keep you informed:
@emmataylor8 @siburb not meaning to sound ignorant, but why is this taking so long?