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Geoff McQueenMaker@geoffmcqueen · Co-founder & CEO, Accelo
Thanks for hunting Accelo! We launched Accelo a few months ago but just took away the "sales-wall" so folks can sign up for a free trial and give it a test drive without needing to talk to a sales person ;-) After building my own digital agency - and getting frustrated with having too many damn tools that didn't talk to each other - my co-founders and I built Accelo to solve our own problems of running a fast-growing company. Turns out, a lot of other people were experiencing the same pains we were. Finding one system for CRM, another for project management, and then another for client service or support, with something different for timesheets and invoicing makes managing a business painful. The big guys have automated and streamlined their operations with expensive stuff from Oracle or SAP, but small and medium businesses have been stuck with tons of scattered spreadsheets or dozens of tools that don't work together. We don't think this is fair - the millions of small and medium businesses out there should have technology that works for them as well as tech tool for doing work. If you or your friends are running a design, creative, IT, architecture, engineering, consulting, legal, or accounting business, please give Accelo a try and let us know what you think - we built Accelo for any professional service business, and we're not done yet so we'd love to hear your thoughts! If you're interested in learning more on what we're about, you can here: and if you'd like to have a look for yourself, check out
alan jones@bigyahu · Mentor, BlueChilli & Startmate
Great product for all those service businesses yet to transition to the cloud or trying to make it work with a bunch of poorly-connected cloud tools.
Ray Wu@raywu · Co-Founder,
The team eats their own dog-food. ie I share an office with them and I see everyone uses Accelo everyday!
Pete Cooper@pc0 · Founder, The Start Society. And #PHSYD
Wow, great product. I really agree with the use cases and need for integration. Any zapier integration in the pipeline?
Geoff McQueenMaker@geoffmcqueen · Co-founder & CEO, Accelo
@pc0 yep, working with engineering on resourcing for that just today
Pete Cooper@pc0 · Founder, The Start Society. And #PHSYD
@geoffmcqueen Cool, have told a few clients about it already, good feedback.