Today we’re proud to unveil our new screen design tool, fully integrated into Framer.

From Frames, Vectors and SVGs to Handoff, the entire tool is a labor of love, made by designers, for designers. Complemented by our high-fidelity prototyping interface, Framer is now the only tool you need to be a better designer today, tomorrow and beyond.

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"Please be free, please be free, please be free..." *clicks link* "Please be free, please be free, please be free..." *clicks pricing page* *closes window* That said, it looks really cool. I think you should do a free tier version that has some basic functionality and charge for other features.
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@mager 😔 summary of my life
@mager I hope more apps charge instead of relying on some fast-burning round of capital so this expectation changes. I want to be able to adopt a design tool and use it for a reasonable amount of time without fear of it burning through funding because it has to support a huge drove of free users. Please, expect that people charge for tools–and pay for the good ones.
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@mager @sdw Yes, let's pay for good apps but let's also have more options for payments. I'm not a big fan of montly fees. Yes, I might prefer to take a free trial, maybe pay one another month to really find out if the tool is the right one for me but then I would welcome if I could pay for it once and have the tool forever. I'm fine with one year of free updates and I can decide to buy another renewal to receive further updates but I might be also fine without any updates and just want to continue using my tool which I already paid a lot for.
@mager Currently using Figma but need a good animation, shall give Invision Studio this month a try.
Framer is a spectacular tool that's rapidly getting better. This is a pretty huge move, and I'm stoked to see how good this looks. As a designer, I'm excited to be alive in a time with so many good tools coming out.
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YES! I'm so happy that you guys added Groups in Design. You don't know how much time I wasted deleting "parent" layers and creating new ones when I had to adjust things. Also Design seems a lot more snappier! Have you guys done speed improvements for that? Things were choppy a lot for me in the previous versions with heavy artboards. Just one recommendation: Please make it easy for me to flip through artboards in the Framer iOS app. I feel designers duplicate artboards a lot to compare changes side by side and doing it on the phone is 🔑
Looks great! Can i export the designs into PDF's?
TBH I always wished that Sketch and Framer would have build a team. I am not happy with another application copying the game changer. In the early days of both apps the integration was so simple, that was just cool.
@pdxiii In the end, having competition is often good for end-users. Especially in terms of pricing.
@leblancstartup sure 99$/year (for updates) burns a hole into everybody’s pocket.