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I was never really into watches and was bought them but never regularly used them. until recently I was bought a watch from MVMT for my birthday (it was one I'd pointed out that I liked). It's just so simple: I think its cool there are corners of the internet where enthusiasts of different things can go to geek out. Watch this space.
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In the last 2-3 years, I've seen myself get more and more into watches. Not sure if it's because of smartwatches, or because of Instagram, which is the platform of choice for watch lovers and new watch companies such as The Fifth, MVMT, Lord Timepieces and similar. Instagram became their main advertising and selling platform, which is great, but makes search really hard. With it's pinterest-ish look and great search, this site could evolve to become a prime destinations for watch watchers.
How do you guys differentiate from Hodinkee, Kevin Rose's company?