3nder 3.0

Date kinky, curious, and openminded singles & couples

The previous version(s) of this app were pretty clunky and confusing... Including the freemium model. 3.0 is a lot clearer, more tasteful, and has a simple premium membership model -- no more paying to see matches. Not sure if more people are on it now, but at least those who join will be greater with a better looking and smarter behaving experience.
I always got a kick out of this app. The concept is great. But none of my matches ever seemed to talk on it. To be fair it constantly has had messaging issues so couldn't tell if that was the cause. (Could also just be me ;) What's new in 3.0? The iTunes release notes for 3.0.1 are funny but unhelpful (something about messaging update + bug fixes?). I hope it's something fun!
@thetylerhayes here're the 3.0 release notes: Introducing 3nder 3.0 After months of sweet sweat (yup, ours is sweet and orange) and sleepless nights we manage to make this super major and awesome update. Here is what's new. - Rebuild from scratch. - Under-the-hood stuff are cooler than jelly. - Redesigned for lust. - Secure 3nder with TouchID and Passcode. - Find people faster with redesigned Matches screen. - Swipe left and right to view profiles. Tap for fullscreen. - Completely new messaging infrastructure. - Reliable push notifications. - Group chats. - Delivery status of your messages. - Know when someone has seen your message. - Couples can look for other couples. #openlove - Go naughty! Exchange ephemeral photos. - You don't have to specify gender and sexuality when you are looking for someone. - Free to use, with unlimited swipes and messages. - Majestic Membership. For the paying members aka our heroes. Majestic Membership is a new purchase that combines all the funky features like Incognito and Curiosity. We decided that paying members should feel special with a fancy badge on their profile. More premium features are in development. New awesomeness will bring new problems. If you experience any buggy bugs, just swipe down with two fingers from anywhere in the app and you will be able to message us. ! Some of you might be affected by a bug in the conversation bubble. Expect an update pretty soon ! Tips: - Be nice to others. Otherwise your profile will be suspended forever. - Tap and hold on your matches to Unmatch and report.
Congrats to @denull on his team. We work with a lot of startup founders at @SupportKit and few have been as loving, warm and caring about their user base as Dimo. He really is bringing a positive experience to dating and trying to not make it judgemental, weird and ugly. Kudos.
@gozmike I saw that they were using SupportKit! Pretty cool — but I have to admit, also pretty confusing. Perhaps it was the transition into the support section? It just seemed like I was entering a completely different app... and some of the answers weren't even styled — they were plain HTML pages.
@chrismessina Yup, there's definitely room to improve their integration and we're working with Dimo actively so that he can get there. For a great example of how SupportKit can be integrated beautifully, be sure to check out Treat (https://treat.co/) - conversational commerce pet care
@chrismessina We are currently using the default Zendesk's knowledgebase but we'll pimp it up once we solve some glitches on users with iPhone 4 and iOS3 :P Thanks for the feedback Chris!
Still no android?
@fatfullstacks you can join the waiting list: http://eepurl.com/8kns1
@chrismessina I think I'm on that already, dating app mechanics of all flavors fascinate me.
@fatfullstacks It's in development. If there are no major dramas, we'll be able to go live by December. We were planning to release Android much sooner but we had unexpected scalability issues.