Secure, private, decentralized user data storage

3️⃣3Box is a distributed, user-centric data storage system that makes it easy for developers to build secure, lightweight, and trusted applications with minimal backend infrastructure. APIs for auth, profiles, storage, and messaging.
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🎉Hey ProductHunters! 😻 I'm @msena, co-founder and CEO of 3Box. We're thrilled that someone shared our work with the ProductHunt community today. ABOUT 3BOX | https://3box.io/ 3️⃣3Box is a distributed, self-sovereign user data storage network that makes it easy for developers to build more secure, lightweight, trusted, and powerful consumer applications with minimal backend infrastructure. 👍3Box is great for developers and applications who don't want to manage the liability of storing user data on a centralized database server, those that don't trust Facebook or Google SSO with their user's accounts, or those that want to allow users to manage their own data in a self-sovereign way. The 3Box framework also enables users to carry their information with them from service to service, vastly improving the user onboarding experience. 📈Today, 3Box works for applications built on the Ethereum blockchain, but we will be adding support for more blockchains, and even traditional web2 applications that wish to give users control of their information. 3BOX PRODUCTS | https://3box.io/products ⚒️3Box.js: a JavaScript SDK that allows developers to easily add decentralized profiles, storage, and messaging to their application. Available at https://github.com/3box/3box-js/ ✨3Box Hub: a web application that allows users to create a 3Box profile, link their existing social accounts such as Twitter and Github, and manage their personal cloud storage drive. 👀View sample profile: https://3box.io/0xa8ee0babe72cd9... 💥Create your profile: https://3box.io/hub STAY IN TOUCH Join our Discord community: https://chat.3box.io Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/3boxdb Send us an email: community@3box.io
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The team has been in the space for 4+ years and understands the identity problem space extremely well.


Extremely easy to use and solves a real need in the market.


Not enough teams know about how it can make their lives easier in developing web3 dApps.

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Such an amazing product and tool, I'm looking to use the decentralized forums and community talk use case for our project. Keep up the good work!
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Thanks for the support @emiliano_velazquez! Are you in our community? I'd like to hear more about your project and use case if you're up for sharing. chat.3box.io
@msena thanks. I'll join now. Working on place for DAO's using 3Box to allow members of specific networks that validate their addreses to be able to chat, create new communities, etc. Think, allowing voting proposals for Moloch
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Super cool, we're working with most of the DAOs such as Moloch, Aragon, Giveth, etc so this would be a great tool. @emiliano_velazquez