2FA to Tray

The missing 2FA manager for macOS.

Like Google Authenticator, but for macOS, with all its subsequent charms:
HotKey, security, synchronization and native, lightweight, fast interface
For those who do not need a third-party password manager, but only a separate easy-to-use OTP manager
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Interesting logo lol
@mattblackpageux I love the pentagram logo; it's definitely turned the right way. ;-)
Why is this better than using any modern password manager for otp?
@999lrak 'cause this is the fastest and most convenient OTP manager for macOS. But I will be happy if you disagree and give me a couple of ideas for improving the product :)
@dafuqtor I think it's hard to compete here, since other password managers automatically copy the otp into the clipboard when I login into a site. 1Password, Enpass, Bitwarden ... they all offer this function.
@999lrak none of them work with one of my favourite browsers, so I just use Apple's Keychain and 2FA to Tray for better login speed.
@dafuqtor All of them offer browser plugins and support autofill on iOS. There are even cli clients and web apps. I find it hard to believe that you are using a browser that support apple keychain but that's not supported by those products.
Based on free alternatives I think $0.99 would be my price. Plus, you’d make a killing at $0.99. @artginzberg
@itsbrex Sounds nice. I initially created this app because one of web apps that I use requires signing in with 2FA every time I need to login. And I need it about 5-15 times a day. I have tried some free alternatives. After a day (for each) of using them, I was completely disappointed with free macOS apps. They were so slow and annoying that there was no other choice but to make this app. Now 2FA tokens are right at my fingertips. No more distractions.
Well, for one, 1Password has this built in. Two, most every password manager has this feature... I could see the benefits from the standpoint of trying to push people into using a proper password manager (which is the most secure way to handle passwords) or people who refuse to use one.
@jpartain88 I would say that 1Password is a beautiful pass manager, but it doesn't work in one of my favourite browsers, so I only use Apple's Keychain and 2FA to Tray for better login speed.
@dafuqtor one thing that's preventing me from pulling the trigger on this is that one can't see which service the OTP codes belong too. I currently have 17 OTP codes in google authenticator. Some of these are duplicate providers (ie 2 gmails but different accounts). How would you suggest going about remembering which is which?
@vivalldi98 I'll reply you here when the naming option will be added
@vivalldi98 done! Now you can set names for your OTP accounts in Preferences > "Change secret..." and choose whether you want to see them in menu by checking the "Show names" box in Preferences.