The 2019 Customer Service Report contains data gathered from 25k companies representing 19 industries using live chat. It provides tips and expert advice on how to boost customer satisfaction.

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A very good piece of knowledge.
Hi guys, This brand-new Customer Service Report gives you an insight into the current state of customer service. It’s based on four metrics: customer satisfaction, first-time response, handle time and number of cases. It includes tips from Jon Tucker (CEO at HelpFlow), a case study of implementing a chatbot (ProctorU) and hints for setting up goals (the Chat Shop). Gathered data shows the trends and identifies top industry performers. I hope you will find it useful!
Hi guys, I’m Olga, an author of 2019 Customer Service Report. Gathering data from 25k companies, describing trends based on 437 million chats and learning about customer expectations from 47.4 billion websites visits... I have to say, it was really challenging, but satisfying. Now, you can use this knowledge to compare your results to others in your industry or to the global scores and improve your service. I would love to know, what you liked best in the report and what can we do better next time? Is there something elase you would like to know? Share your thoughts!