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#5 Product of the DayJune 10, 2016
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Why would we pay $5 for something that uBlock gives us for free and arguably better because it has been in development longer?
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@andreasbackx uBlock and other apps do content filtering, meaning they read the contents of whatever page your browser is loading and then "hide" the elements it thinks are ads. On the other hand, 1Blocker uses the native content blocking technology and/or functionality that's built into WebKit, which means it blocks content _before_ it is downloaded or rendered by the browser. Thus, it's implementation is _better_ than the adblock plugins like uBlock. Morever, 1Blocker gives you a much more granular control over what you're blocking, thanks to its pre-installed 28,000 rules as well as a much nicer UI to enable/disable or add your own rules.
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@preshit Interesting, are there any statistics that would confirm this?
@preshit @andreasbackx So adblock-blockers won't be able to detect it? Can I finally read wired.com articles again?
@eonpilot @preshit Interested in this too. If this were true, would it be hard for adblock detectors to detect this in the future?
You know 1Blocker, don't you? Everyone knows and loves 1Blocker on their iPhones. It works, it's simple if that's all you need, but it's super customizable is you want to. I was fortunate enough to get access to pre-release versions of 1Blocker for Mac and have been using it for the last two months. And, like on iOS, it's my favorite so far. I tried Adamant and Nope, and they were OK, but 1Blocker has a much greater built-in rule set and greater customizability. Here's a pro-tip for your sanity and productivity: Use this app to block social media and all the things you're addicted to on your Mac. Just do it. You can browse Twitter on your iPad, it's fine. Keep your Mac a work machine. Here's my custom rules tab: https://twitter.com/radexp/statu...
I came, I bought, I tested, It did not work at all (3 sites full of popups and ads), ... now I try to get a refund... (good luck to find it on app store (much easier to buy than to reimburse) :X
@steveraffner Sorry to hear that. Could you email me at sal@1blocker.com? Perhaps, you didn't enable it Settings > Safari > Content Blockers
@khanov @1blocker hi, yes it was freshly installed AND activated. I sent you a sample URL and a screenshot of what's not blocked for you to check, the sites I tested are french, that might be part of the problem ?
I wish this had a trial at least...
Finally a native Safari content blocker for macOS. Instabuy! I use 1Blocker on iOS and love the fact that you can add custom filters and everything syncs via iCloud.
@philipamour ICloud integration. Epic!